SOphia Wester


14 Drawings ( fabric, ballpoint) and a sculpture (latex, wood, light). Come to this forest of drawings, tonight honoured by a visitor

Kauwgom Bos is a serie of drawings of my collected & chewed gums.

A detail from my everyday -

an element that I usually don't give much attention to;

the shape the chewd gum takes and the mountain

amount I consume - became my field of investigation.

They don't look like gums anymore

and this is what I love

shapes takes us on other journeys

this forest is made for loosing up

from the everyday thoughts

leaving for ones own

imaginary place

Regarding the sculpture, THE PROJECTIONIST;

a figure I thought of for some time

and I decided to let it happen now.

We who have eyes see but at the same time

we do project from our inside into the seen

THE PROJECTIONIST symbolizes that, and stays with us

as a friendly visitor throughout this exhibition.

Existance and imagination are my main topics.

What images are inside of us?

What do I see here?